Fear the Farm, It's Harvest Time!
If you are from the city and not familiar with county life, you’re in for a real treat…..a real terrifying treat! Fearshire Farms® is only 30 minutes from Houston. Heck, it’ll take that long for your heart to stop racing when you leave.
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Extreme Haunted Attractions
WARNING: The Farmhouse, The Corn Maze, and Unhinged are professional haunts with an extreme scare factor. They are not for young children. Children under 10 will not be admitted to these haunts. ***NO REFUNDS***

Fearsons Farmhouse

On the outskirts of Angleton stands an old 1900’s farm house. This farm house has many rooms, each with its own dark secrets. Be prepared for ghostly encounters and new terrors as you climb the stairs and pray you get back down intact.

No one is sure when the family that lived there came to the area. Some say not until the 1900’s and some say they have always been there. 

Whatever the case, everyone agrees the Fearsons were eccentric and downright strange. The family kept to themselves and wasn’t known to be very sociable. Strange tragic deaths seemed to plague each generation. With each new calamity the townspeople would began to whisper about what possible curse could have befallen the family to make their lives so miserable. Some say the property was cursed by a slave of old man Fearson. Some say the tragedy lies within the mystery of Mrs. Fearson, who loved another but was forced by her father to marry Fearson. 

Still there are a few who believe it is just plain old bad luck. One thing is for certain, gloom and despair hang over the property like a heavy cloud. It has been said that late at night you can hear the anguished cries of those that lived there as they mourn the terrible loss of their loved ones. 

Do you dare to enter Fearson’s Farm House? 


This year at Fearshire Farms® the Fearson’s barn has been transformed into our newest attraction “Unhinged”. 

As you enter the “darkness” of sleep followed by the “dream state”, be prepared for your darkest nightmares to become reality. New scenes and scares are lurking around every dark turn. Unhinged will test your every sense and weakness. Once you enter, you will be at the hands of your own Fears as you attempt to find your way out of the nightmares. 

Watch out for the Boogieman! 

 What is real and what is your imagination will torment you till you break down, lose your mind and never want to sleep again.          

Dead End Corn Maze

Here on the Fearson’s Farm, the corn grows tall and thick. No one really knows what goes on within the dark depths of the Fearson’s Dead End Corn Maze, but there have been many a night full of strange sounds and foreboding rustling. 

You can even hear the strange popping noises as it grows. If you are brave enough to enter into its dark pathways, be prepared, natural creatures are not the only terrors to be encountered in this maze. 

The Dead-End Corn Maze is full of twist, turns and downright frightening creatures. The corn can grow to over 8 feet tall, thanks to the blood and bone –meal fertilizer. Remember to wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing. 

You are on a real farm in a real corn field and some of the things that scare you might not be human, but could be real animals and you don’t want them to mistake your toes for a yummy snack.         

Real Haunted Farm Location
Fearshire Farms® 
1100 South Walker
Angleton TX 77515
979-848-FEAR (3327)
Fearshire Farms® is a “must do” event every October…
Fearshire Farms® is a Real Farm, with a Real Haunted House and Real Corn Fields!
We offer what most haunted attractions can’t and that is Realism. 

When you enter the Fearson’s Homestead, you will know you are on a “Real Farm”. The house is “A Real Haunted House”, built in the early 1900’s. The grounds are just as the family left them, from the front porch to the family cemetery. You will be left gasping, panting and begging for it to end!

The Dead-End Corn Maze is a “Real Corn Field” with winding pathways and strange creatures lurking within.

Unhinged is a completely new attraction where your darkest nightmares become reality.

In order to keep you downright entertained and guessing what’s around the corner, Fearshire Farms® works hard to give you NEW experiences in all three main attractions.

Fearshire Farms® offers you an atmosphere that can’t be beat and an experience you won’t forget, no matter how hard you try!
Beer Gardens
Visit the Fearshire Beer Garden to get your liquid courage! We have several choices from your favorite breweries as well as soft drinks and water. Relax and catch your breath and share your scare experience with your friends at the picnic tables or fire pit.
As Seen On:
Fearshire Farms® is excited to have been featured on the Travel Channel. We were featured with other major haunts throughout the nation. If you think we are scary on TV, you better bring a friend to hold your hand and experience the terror with you.
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NEW 5 minute Escape Games
Are you ready to test your game solving skills?

Our brand new 5 minute escape games will challenge and thrill you. Designed for 2- 4 players each, fun for groups and families.

What Our Victims Say about Us:

Tina Dean — This place just gets better & better!!!! 

Taylor Siegert — Varieties of scares, really good. Will come back

Schuyler E Snider — Was a great evening. The best I have been to in this area yet. Well worth the drive. Will be back and will be doing the lights out night as well. Thank you for the best evening before Halloween yet!   

Jennifer Corona — By far one of the scariest and most fun haunted houses I’ve been too. Corn Maze had me shaking begging to get to the end. Lol Honkeys Fun House was great, and The House was creepy as can be. I would definitely go again and recommend it. 

Raquel Quijano — Loved Fearshire Farms both times I’ve been. Had the honor to take my daughter and her friend for their first fright fest experience and they had a blast. Will go again soon! Thanks for the great scares! 

Tori Slater Marrs — We had the best time. Everyone one was super nice. The actors were fantastic and scared me stupid. The food was good and not overpriced. We will definitely be back! I give it 10 screams on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Dani Looney — Best haunted house I’ve ever been to. Definitely have a returning customer right here! 

Shay Dorsey — Awesome! Definitely recommend checking out Fearshire Farms. Be forewarned, you better bring your “Depends”! 

Jessica Mahanay — Awesome place great atmosphere tonight was our first night ever to FF and it was well worth it. Definitely going to make it at least a yearly thing for us

Steven Nungaray — The absolute BEST Corn Maze EVER! The actors are very ‘into’ keeping you entertained. Even if you pick a long line night, the actors will keep you engaged and ready for the next attraction. Don’t miss Fearshire Farms this Halloween!!!! 

Amanda Spates — Had a great time!!! The house was awesomely scary!!!! 

Amanda M. Pointer — I was in tears in the Haunted House…NOT for the faint of heart… 

Brooke Phillips — This place was so great! I actually RAN several times. Haha. CREEPY!!! For SURE coming back! 

Lisa Price — This place, and more important the people are amazing. Just came home from their last night(black out),& while in the corn maze I jumped so high I lost my Ecig. I asked if there was any way I could recover it & they searched immediately, found it, and brought it back to me unharmed. Talk about above & beyond, especially in the middle of their last night of this year! 

You guys rock! The pig mask guy actually made me pee myself a bit, and he scared me A LOT. After all, that’s why we go to a haunted attraction: to be truly scared! Very interactive actors who pay attention to their audience, and the house truly left me with more than a few jumps: There was a heaviness that stopped me dead and damn near took my breath away. I only wish I could come back and spend a few hours in that house during the off season.

Ticket Booth opens at 7:00 pm. 
September 29; October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, *25, 26, 27, *31, November 2 & 3
Haunting starts at dark.
Ticket booth closes at 11:00 pm (*9:00 pm on October 25th & 31st since they’re weeknights).
We keep haunting until we’ve scared all of the ticket-holders off of the property (or buried the ones that didn’t survive!)