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Escape Games

Jail Break

Jail BreakYou were brought to this detention center after a crazy lawman brought you in on trumped up charges. After years of waiting for a trial, you realize there is never going to be one and the only way out is to escape the crazy warden and his lunatic guards. The only time you aren’t being watched is at shift change. Will you and your cell mates escape or be held in the detention center forever?



The Sting

The Fearsons family art collection and secret jewels are held in this museum. Rumer is that Mrs. Fearson’s jewels are rare, precious and expensive. Can you solve the puzzle which will expose the family jewels or go crazy trying?




The Dark Unit

The Dark UnitWhat’s happening? Where are you? How did you get here? Why did that sinister looking man lock the door even though you are in a cell????? Oh no! You begin to realize he must be the serial killer you heard about on the news? Fortunately the few that escaped before you left a few clues. Will they be enough for you and your friends to escape or will you never be seen again?





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